The Voice Spice Online Recorder allows you to record a voice message for free via a Web browser.  Morph or change your voice, and then share it with others. This easy-to-use service provides free voice message sharing along with voice changing and does not require any downloaded software and works with a simple browser and microphone.

Voice Spice in Communication and Education

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Great uses for voice spice

Voice Spice has a number of fun and practical uses. If you need to communicate with someone, think of using Voice Spice.

Send a voice greeting to friend and family with your own personal touch.

Personalized Greetings

Voice Spice allows you to post a personalized audio message to friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, text or email using just your voice. Whether you are at home or out on an adventure, you can share your personal experience using audio. Communicate with your friends and family in ways that plain text cannot.

Add more fun and interest to your message by changing your voice to different characters, such as a Hell Demon, Robot, or Space Squirrel.

Deliver your message with a greeting card. Add a visual backdrop to your personalized message and choose from a variety of different themes.

Try Voice Spice, the Online Voice Recorder now. It's Free!

Create a voice survey or a game

Voice Surveys

Create a voice tag game or survey and invite your friends to record answers with their own voices.

Simply create a list of questions and post an invitation on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or just share the link. No application to download and no accounts to create. Learn more about Voice Surveys by following this link.

Sing, record, and share your vocals online.

Singing and Recording Vocals

Whether its singing a cover of your favorite band or one of your own songs, Voice Spice makes it easy to capture your singing using a desktop computer or mobile device, and then sharing your recording on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

For more information on how to use Voice Spice for recording your songs look at this guide.

Voice Spice allows educators and students to communicate with each other.


The Voice Spice website is a perfect tool for educators, tutors and anyone that needs to share audio messages with a number of students. It is as simple as going to the website, recording your message and then sharing the link.

Students can also contact their instructors by recording messages from the same website. For school projects, it's also fun and efficient way to send message between students.

Foreign language tutors can help students learn quicker with Voice Spice.

Foreign Language

Voice Spice is a great tool for online foreign language classes or other courses requiring the sharing of voice messages. Students can quickly, easily, and accurately get audio feedback on pronunciation, grammar, etc.

Creative communication with Voice Spice is great for collaboration.

Creative Collaboration

Working on a project that requires collaboration? Voice Spice is well suited for passing voice and audio messages between people involved in creating content. Whether you are working on a new movie short or brainstorming on a new idea, this is a great tool for bringing people together.

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