The Voice Spice Online Recorder allows you to record a voice message for free via a Web browser.  Morph or change your voice, and then share it with others. This easy-to-use service provides free voice message sharing along with voice changing and does not require any downloaded software and works with a simple browser and microphone.

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Choose to morph your voice using five different personalities. You can change your voice to the scary hell demon, the goofy space squirrel, the serious robot. You can also alter the gender of your voice. Change from Man to Woman and vice versa. Or speak with your normal voice.
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Record your voice online using just a web browser and a microphone. No software to download. RECORD
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Change the audio settings of your microphone.  Adjust the volume.

Create a text-to-speech message and share it online. No software to download. Create Message
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Choose the voice settings, then click 'RECORD' to start the Online Voice Recorder.
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