The Voice Spice Online Recorder allows you to record a voice message for free via a Web browser.  Morph or change your voice, and then share it with others. This easy-to-use service provides free voice message sharing along with voice changing and does not require any downloaded software and works with a simple browser and microphone.

Voice Spice World Voice Map

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Share your voice on Facebook. Simply click on the Facebook button and instantly share your audio message with your friends. Share your voice on Twitter. Simply click on the Twitter button and quickly share your voice recording with your followers.
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This is the voice map of the world created by Voice Spice. This provides a visual vocal tapestry of voices from different parts of the world. You can click on different parts of the map to hear messages from different countries and cultures.

Voice Map of the World

Add your own voice to the world map! Regardless of where you are in the world, we are interested in what you have to say. Simply navigate tothe Voice Spice Online Voice Recorder and add your message for free.