Voice Spice in your life

The many ways people use Voice Spice

What do I use Voice Spice for?

What is the most popular use of Voice Spice is often what we are asked.  Well that is a hard question to answer because our users are so diverse and their needs are so varied.  And on top of that, we don’t harvest user accounts or collect their friends and likes.  What we do know is what is made public and what people tell us. They tell us they love how easy Voice Spice is to use and how it works for everybody, even friends without Voice Spice.  There is no one use for all people.

That’s what’s cool about Voice Spice.  You can do whatever you want. 

For me, I have been using it to text a scary voice recording to remind my son to take out the trash.   Others have more serious uses such as assigning their students to record their favorite poetry or do movie reviews.  Foreign language and ESL teachers are using it regularly to listen to student’s homework.  We even have a number of musicians and singers that are working out new raps and songs to share with their friends.

So what is Voice Spice used for?  Well, anything you want!  Just record from your desktop, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, click a button and Twitter, text or email your audio message and if you feel like it, let us know how you use Voice Spice.

Official Voice Spice Release Notice

Screaming Bee Spices-up Online Education with a Free Voice Sharing Service

Palm Coast, FL (11/17/14) - Screaming Bee Inc. is pleased to release a voice recording and message sharing service that runs from a number of Web browsers and mobile devices. Voice Spice allows users to record and share a voice message on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and more.            

"Voice Spice adds an innovative twist to voice message sharing with high-quality voice morphing and one-click posting on social media," explains Mark Ramirez, CEO of Screaming Bee. He adds, “We’ve worked hard on releasing a voice sharing service that is available on as many platforms as possible. You can record from almost any web browser, iPhone, Android or even a Windows Phone.   Users can then share a voice message on Facebook, Twitter, or just email a link to their friends or teachers.”

The Voice Spice service uses high-quality, low-bandwidth recordings that can easily be used by educators, tutors, and anyone that needs to share or receive audio messages from their students.  Voice Spice is an excellent tool for online foreign language classes or any other course that requires sharing voice messages. It has been successfully used by a number of schools from around the world.

Voice Spice on the Mac or PC computers browser does not need any special software to download or account setup. With just an ordinary Web browser, users can immediately begin recording messages. Voice Spice only requires a microphone and access to the Internet.

Voice Spice also is available as a mobile app for the iPhone, Windows Phone, and a number of Android devices. Optimized to run natively on each device, Voice Spice allows users to record and share messages away from home or on the road. These messages can also be downloaded and saved on your mobile device, even used as ringtones.

You can add a little zest to Voice Spice recordings with superior-quality voice morphing ability.  Users can choose from five different target voices such as the Hell Demon, Space Squirrel, Male, Female or the Robot.

With one-click sharing, Voice Spice users can conveniently share their voice messages with others on many social media sites; this includes Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and more.  Users can share a voice message with any number of people just by sharing a link to their recording.  Friends and family can now communicate to each other in ways that plain text cannot.

Voice Spice is a free service that requires no account setup.

For more information, visit the Voice Spice website at: http://voicespice.com .


About Screaming Bee Inc.: Provider of voice software and solutions for online games, VoIP and the professional studio. Their leading-edge technologies are used in the defense sector, education departments, animation studios, online games, voice talent services and radio broadcasting.

For more information about Screaming Bee, visit http://www.screamingbee.com .

Voice Spice is a trademark of Screaming Bee Inc. iPhone and Mac are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Facebook is a trademark of Facebook Inc. Twitter is a registered trademark of Twitter Inc, Gmail and Android are a trademark of Google Inc.

Morphbox becomes Voice Spice!

We are happy to announce a new, zestier name for our popular Morphbox service.  It is now called Voice Spice!

Voice Spice allows you to record, morph and share your recordings with teachers, friends and family. 

And if you are recording your normal voice for ESL, school projects or just to hear your loved ones real voice, it has the lowest bandwidth and best sound quality of any online recording sharing service.

Best of all you get all that tangy recording fun for free!

Another great feature is you can share your recording links with anyone that has a browser or any of our mobile apps:

Get Voice Spice at Android App Store
Get Voice Spice on Windows Phone Store

Pronunciation Exercises Using Voice Spice

We are seeing more and more uses for Voice Spice voice recorder.  

One example comes from ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers who have found a free way of working with their students to improve pronunciation. 

Voice Spice provides a free service that allows students and teachers to easily record their practice lessons outside of the classroom.  No account or signup is needed and recordings can be made from any browser (including our new android app). 

You can read more on how one ESL teacher is using Morphbox from her blog tesol.me .