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Who is Erin Klein?

She doesn't know us, but we sure do admire her.

A phenomenal teacher with values that sparked our interest about her. photo ScreenShot2014-05-21at81231PM_zpsaed13ab5.png

Erin, is one of those stand out teachers that is breaking the mold and advocating more than ever to integrate technology into her every day teaching techniques.

Hence, we here at Voice Spice are taking the time to highlight her.

Erin not only has taken the time to share her passion and ambitions but also helps with how one could go about making their teaching environment infused with technology.

With her background in program development and passion towards technology, Erin takes the time weekly to share her vision on her blog at: Erin Klein's Blog.

Erin even has taken the time to put together a tech tips to help your little ones take an even better approach to technology titled: "Tiny Tech Tips" which we found to be very helpful.

Overall, we would like to give her a "Good job!" and "Keep it Up!"

As Voice Spice begins to see the overwhelming response for our online voice recorder - and watching it grow into a useful tool for children to easily practice a foreign language we continually find amazing stand out teachers like Erin Klein that understand the value of technology in education.
infuse technology
infuse technology
infuse technology