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Adding Spice to Travel

I just recently got back from a trip to UK and France. It was about five weeks of exploring the streets of Paris, neighborhoods of Lyon, and some interesting and historical sites in England and Scotland. It was a lot of fun, So much good food, interesting people, and wonderful places to visit.

I decided to give Voice Spice a go on some of places where my data connection was less than ideal. I did this not only because of the fascinating scenery in some of these more remote locations, but to test to see how the application handles dodgy connections. Overall, it did quite well even on low-bandwidth connections. On one occasion I made a recording on a train from Lyon to the airport using the on-board wifi.  

Later on while travelling through Inverness, Scotland, I made a recorded a clip on a boat while searching for "Nessy" the Lochness Monster.  We didn't find her, but I did have a good time exploring Urquhart Castle on the other side of the lake. 

Further north, I took a detour through northern Scotland up to the Orkney Islands. Recording in these remote areas was not a problem.  One highlight of the Orkney's was visiting one of the oldest and well-preserved villages in the world Skara Brae. Not too bad for 5,000 year-old real state.

Back home now, I can say that Voice Spice was a very convenient and reliable way of creating a voice message even in the most remote areas of the world.
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