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What do I use Voice Spice for?

What is the most popular use of Voice Spice is often what we are asked.  Well that is a hard question to answer because our users are so diverse and their needs are so varied.  And on top of that, we don’t harvest user accounts or collect their friends and likes.  What we do know is what is made public and what people tell us. They tell us they love how easy Voice Spice is to use and how it works for everybody, even friends without Voice Spice.  There is no one use for all people.

That’s what’s cool about Voice Spice.  You can do whatever you want. 

For me, I have been using it to text a scary voice recording to remind my son to take out the trash.   Others have more serious uses such as assigning their students to record their favorite poetry or do movie reviews.  Foreign language and ESL teachers are using it regularly to listen to student’s homework.  We even have a number of musicians and singers that are working out new raps and songs to share with their friends.

So what is Voice Spice used for?  Well, anything you want!  Just record from your desktop, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, click a button and Twitter, text or email your audio message and if you feel like it, let us know how you use Voice Spice.

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