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Voice Spice Goes to Brazil World Cup 2014

During my travels, I have had a lot of down time in between flights and activities. As with any kind of international traveling, you are submerged in a pool of nationalities from all over the world and constantly trying to pick up on what language to use when trying to communicate to each other. As I begin butchering Portuguese while in Brazil during the World Cup 2014, I have found it to be very useful and enjoyable to play around with the Voice Spice voice recorder. I was even able to get a few new friends record some sayings and other things so I can refer back to it.

It is always interesting to read and overhear an auto translator but it is always the best to really try to pick up on actual dialect and slang within the culture.

I also found that these other 5 apps have been a huge help as well.
 photo ScreenShot2014-07-02at94216AM_zps808d2b05.png
Either way, the travels and experience have been a life changer and it has been an even better experience using the technology toy advantage.

Your Voice Spice fan,
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