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A moment to highlight a great person and portal.

With the growing attention we are receiving in the Educational field, especially when practicing another language with children, we here at Voice Spice are spending the time to get to know great people and portals that share and believe in similar missions in helping our future grow.

With new tools and innovative learning processes, past educational boundaries are being passed.

There is a small but strong force of people and institutions that are spending a tremendous amount of time, whether in the field and or behind the scenes, creating new and fun ways for our children to think outside the box.

It is that force we like to recognize and share.

Today, we would like to share with you a website:  THE LEARNING JOURNEY A Blog by Bon Education

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-05at95401PM_zpsfec9c745.png

It is a site packed with 100's of amazing articles and resources regarding Education. Primarily, the three wonderful people that make up this blog, Anna Batchelder (Co-Founder and Chief Education Officer), Christopher Batchelder (Co-Founder and President), and Michelle Hollett (Education Research and Journalism Fellow) focus on not just education but international education. Taking the time and looking into resourceful ideas/concepts to help the Globe out, one child at a time.

With that being said, it was the article that, Michelle Hollett wrote: The Art of Language Learning we found to be super informative. As she writes about Elemental English Founder Larissa Majlessi - we see even more how our mobile voice recorder tool at Morphbox becomes more of a vital no cost tool to help educational settings in making learning fun.

As our world becomes more diverse and communication across the globe easier and easier, it is important that we spend the time necessary giving our children and teachers the tools to make their job more of an impact.

Hope you enjoy their site and resources as much as we have.

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